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Transforming the Way We Care for Women

Well-Woman Annual Exams

Becoming established with a healthcare provider while you are healthy allows for easier identification of any issues that may arise. IGO Lakeland's experienced team will provide you with personalized care at your annual exam in a relaxing, spa atmosphere.

Doctor adjusting balance on weighing sca
Woman & Doctor

Integrative Gynecology

Integrative care places an emphasis on treating the whole person, taking into account a variety of factors, and focuses on root causes and cures rather than simple management of symptoms. Integrative Gynecology provides gentle, natural, and holistic solutions to hormonal imbalances and, in most cases, eliminates the need for invasive conventional treatments.

Family-Centered Natural Childbirth

Our holistic approach to pregnancy and childbirth extends to your family as well. We work carefully with each of our expectant mothers and their loved ones to craft a desirable birth plan that focuses on safety and comfort for mom, baby, and support persons. We care about your birth experience and will accommodate your vision.

Water Birth
Doctor Holding Patient's Hand


A holistic approach to infertility achieves better results in a shorter amount of time. We have the knowledge, expertise, and resources to perform thorough laboratory tests and analyses to identify and treat the underlying causes of infertility. More importantly, we are your caring and comforting partner as your navigate this often difficult and emotional time.

High-Risk Pregnancies

Our team is experienced with high-risk pregnancies and we have the technology and expertise to ensure a safe pregnancy and delivery. If you have been told to seek care from a more qualified provider, look no further. There is no case too complex - we are prepared to provide the best high-risk care and peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

Doctor Examining a Pregnant Woman
Doctor taking blood pressure of older pa

Preconception Counseling

Are you thinking of getting pregnant and want to ensure that you and your partner are healthy and ready for this journey? We can provide preconception testing and counseling/couple's therapy to help ensure that you and your partner are in peak physical condition and armed with the most current conception knowledge before you embark on the exciting journey to parenthood. We will be with you every step of the way!

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