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What is Centering?

Centering, an evidence-based model of group healthcare, is a paradigm shift that effectively addresses the complex social determinants of health. The Centering model combines health assessment, interactive learning and community building to help support positive health behaviors and drive better health outcomes. It brings patients out of the exam room and into a group setting which also helps build their community of support.


CenteringPregnancy® brings up to 12 pregnant women who are due around the same time together for routine prenatal care. Each of the visits is 90 minutes to two hours long—giving women ten times as much time with their provider team. During the visit, the women engage in their care by taking their weight and blood pressure, recording their own health data, and having private time with their provider for a belly check. This active participation makes them more aware of their results and what it means to their health and their baby’s health. The remainder of time is a facilitated discussion on health topics related to their pregnancy. The women learn from their provider and also from one another. This group time connects them to each other, creates support and fosters their strengths.

Centering is your healthcare visit, but different.

No Waiting

Centering is designed to be respectful of your time. There is no wasted time standing in line to check in or waiting for your appointment to start – when you arrive you will go right to the Centering room to get started. Groups start and end on time. You get more time with your healthcare team while knowing exactly when your appointments will begin and end - you can plan your day easily around your visits!


It is an Essential Element of Centering that participants are involved in their own care. At the start of each CenteringPregnancy visit you will weigh yourself, and check your blood pressure. We have seen that participants have a better understanding, appreciation, and recall of their health information when they actively participate in this way. 

Interactive Learning

It’s not a class. Your healthcare team won’t lecture. Instead, you’ll explore the topics that matter most in a way that is fun and engaging. Everyone benefits from real discussions with your trusted healthcare team and group, instead of relying on advice found on the web. Participants are empowered to share and learn from others in group.

Community Building

There are numerous benefits of social support and community in protecting pregnant women and babies from unnecessary stress. A special community develops in Centering groups. Participants tell us the group feels like a circle of friends sharing common concerns and the experiences of pregnancy, birth, and parenting. You may find that the relationships developed in your group extend long past the scheduled visits as you create lasting friendships and support systems.  

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